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NEW Pikeur James Dressage Tails – 157800


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Mens Dressage Coat in Softshell functional fabric, with exchangeable points, new fit/cut: tailored with narrower sleeve, divided collar with stripes in contrasting McCrown fabric.

Sprenger KK Ultra 3-Ring Bit 18mm – 40607


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This 3-Ring bit enables 4 different ways of attaching the reins to the bit. It is therefore very versatile and extremely popular among Jumpers as it can achieve more control when needed. Depending on the way the reins are being attached to the rings varying degrees of lever action intensify the rider‘s aids. The most effective results are achieved by the use of a second rein.

Sprenger KK Ultra Double Jointed Baucher Bit – 41081


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This is a perfect bit when changing from a snaffle to a Weymouth in Dressage as it enables precise action on the mouth and poll of the horse. Gentle pressure is directed on the poll by attaching the rein onto the lower ring and the cheekpiece onto the upper smaller one. Combined with simultaneous pressure on the tongue, the horse is gently directed to the correct low/downward poll positioning. Together with the excellent features of the KK ULTRA mouthpiece the rider is able to achieve great results with an improved, consistent contact.

Sprenger KK Ultra Gag Double Jointed Bit – 40431


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With the use of 2 reins in combination with a special cheekpiece for gag bits this bit enables an effective and precise control on the horse‘s mouth and poll. Particularly suitable for horses that tend to push forward. The pressure on the poll that the rider achieves gives maximum control. Gag bits are very popular in the fields of Jumping and Polo.

Sprenger KK Ultra Kimblewick Double Jointed Bit – 42311


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Works in a similar way to a Pelham. It can be ridden with two reins and the use of a curb chain puts additional pressure on the horse‘s poll. However, the lever action is considerably less due to the shorter D-Ring shaped cheeks, resulting in less pressure.