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Sprenger Novocontact Double Jointed Flat Ring Bit – 40356


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Novocontact bits are designed to create a unique oval shape which widens the contact surface on the tongue while the rider keeps a steady contact. As the rider gives a rein aid the mouthpiece turns forward and the contact surface gets narrower, ensuring more precise and effective communication.

Sprenger Carbon Eggbutt Gag Bit – 40863


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The use of the second rein in combination with a cheek piece for gag bits enables effective and targeted impact onto mouth and poll. Suitable for strong horses that tend to push forward.

Sprenger Carbon Mullen Eggbutt Bit – 40860


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This unjointed bit with a straight, pole mouthpiece disperses pressure on the whole tongue width and the lower jaw bones. The bit may help when riding horses that tend to back off from the riders aids, for example when cantering to a fence. Eggbutts are suitable for horses with sensitive corners on their mouths, as they prevent them from being pinched which can happen with loose ring snaffles.

Sprenger CM Mullen Bit – 40583


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Comfort Mouth – the name speaks for itself. The mouthpiece provides the horse with ultimate comfort and makes it accepting of the rider‘s hand.