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Otto-Schumacher Dynamic Soft Dressage Saddle 8616


Schumacher Dynamic Saddle SOFT feature knee pads set back to allow freedom for the horse’s shoulders; extra wide channel placing the saddle on either side of the spine; a deep seat placing the rider in the optimum position; short contact surface and extra double leather saddle flaps.

Stübben Conversano de Luxe Baroque Dressage Saddle


Model Conversano de Luxe embossed cowhide is a dressage saddle that has been designed especially for the Baroque horse. The look of Conversano de Luxe is reminiscent of a Spanish saddle and convinces in every detail. The ornamental cantle attachment and the piping of the leather that connects panels and seat are both silver coloured and are unique features.  Seat Size 18″ only.

Stübben Aramis Dressage Saddle


The Aramis is based on a saddle tree which is preconditioned for a deep and comfortable seat and thus offers proximity to the horse and facilitates the precise positioning of aids. Saddle flap and panel have a comparatively generous forward cut.

Stübben Merlin IX Dream Dressage Saddle


The design of the Merlin IX Dream Knee flap and knee roll offer support and comfort, so does the deep, soft seat. As this saddle series offers the complete range of gullet widths, it can also be used for lighter types of baroque horses or even other breeds.