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Anky Free Rider


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The  ANKY®  Free  Rider  offers  you  a  wonderful   exercise  which  stimulates  the  cardiovascular   system  and  the  body  as  a  whole.  The  unique   combination    of  movements  of  both  horse   and  rider,    require  much  effort  and   coordination,  which  stimulate  the  balance   within  your  whole  body.

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NEW Pikeur Safir II – 184200


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Light weight, water-proof jacket with taped seams, packed in fabric pouch with Pikeur logo print, ideal garment for competitions as well as leisure riding.

Painpod 2 – Massage device for horse and rider


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The PainPod XPV features 8 advanced bioelectrical therapy modes with 20 intensity settings available. This model features two ports so you can have four pads with the same mode and frequency for fast relief from pain and muscle stimulation

PAINPOD 3 Massage for Horse and Rider


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Now the PainPod 3 combines the very best of previous PainPod devices with the latest scientific breakthroughs in physiotherapy, acupuncture and medical science, to give you a complete Pain, Recovery and Performance solution in the palm of your hand for use on both horse and rider.  Comes packaged like an iPhone so very convenient to transport compared to other massage devices.



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Using the Bio Belt, the PainPod is ideal for treating large muscle groups and areas of pain.



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The PainPod® Bio Gloves are woven with gentle conductive fibres aimed to provide stimulation from the PainPod to the entire hand and wrist.

PAINPOD Mi Physical Therapy Device


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PainPod® Mi is a worldwide exclusive 2 in 1 ultra wearable device used for the relief of pain utilising latest advances in microcurrent painless treatment technology to accelerate recovery & reduce various pain symptoms.

PAINPOD Premium Pads Medium


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Get even greater Pain Relief, Recovery & Muscle conditioning results with the very latest scientific developments in PainPod® Biotechnology Pad conductivity.

Pikeur Lucinda Corkshell II Grip Breeches 1400-56


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This new Corkshell™ fabric combines the outstanding properties of the natural product cork with those of high-quality functional textiles. The bi-elastic LUCINDA GRIP Corkshell™ allow the rider to benefit from an up to 50% higher heat insulation combined with the best possible breathability for the first time ever. Low waist fit.

Pikeur Lucinda Grip Breeches 1400-06


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The Pikeur Lucinda Grip Summer Ladies Breeches are modern breeches with a low waist and innovative PU-finish in the seat insert area which is slip-resistant and hard-wearing.


Anky Grey Sequin Polo Size Extra Small

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The Sequin Polo is made of an extremely wicking fabric with a subtle shine. Finished with silver yarn stitching. Elegantly design with the transparent sequin logo on the back.