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Equla Vert – Horse Head Angle and Speed Sensor Display


or 4 payments of $55.00 with Afterpay

VERT is the world’s first horse-head angle sensor and display. It attaches to the headpiece of your bridle at the poll and measures your horse’s head angle in relation to the vertical, then displays the angle to you with a colored light.

Introductory price $220.00

Stübben Thiedemann Jumping Set with Web Reins


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The so-called “Thiedemann” rein is a combination of running reins and martingale to be used in the daily schooling of the horse. The Thiedemann jumping combination is supplied with a web rein with three D-rings on each side.

Stübben Breast Collar Padded


or 4 payments of $51.25 with Afterpay

This classic breast collar prevents the saddle from moving backwards. Ideal for jumping and eventing. The breastpiece is padded with soft vachette leather.