Stübben Zaria Optimum De Luxe Jump Saddle With Biomex


The Stübben Zaria Optimum De Luxe jump saddle provides the ultimate in close contact and comfort for horse and rider. Stübben has integrated Biomex technology into the saddle to ensure ultimate support for the rider. Plus the opportunity to enhance the saddle with many personal touch options to create the perfect jump saddle.


Main Leather Colour *

Crystal Cantle Application

Elasticated Girth Points

Change of Seam Colours

Removable Knee Rolls with Velcro

Cantle Protector

Different Leather Colours

Change of Piping Colour



Personalise your Stübben Saddle with Swarovski crystals on the cantle or stirrup keeper.  Also can add piping and seam colours in white, silver or brown.

Changeable knee rolls and elasticated girth points to personalize your saddle.

The mono-flap jumping saddle Zaria Optimum was designed specifically for cross country riding.
This Stübben saddle provides utmost contact to the horse and offers maximum comfort. The well-proven BIOMEX saddle seat technology is integrated at no additional cost and relieves the back while sitting and during movement while riding. The integrated thigh rolls and the attached calf blocks offer support and stability and allow free movement.
Most importantly, the saddle helps the horse to develop and show its optimum performance and handling of the strain on the cross country course.
The multi-layered comfortable panel is a combination of a traditional wool panel and innovative foam materials. It creates a soft and even support area, whilst saddle flap and panel are particularly flexible and easily shaped. The cut of the panel enhances the optimum motion sequence over the jumps and the unhampered development of the galloping power.
This Stübben model ideally displays all general advantages of a mono-flap saddle, the weight reduction and – due to the contact to the horse – the effectiveness of the rider’s aids.
Leather of the highest quality and the known optimal craftsmanship, combined with a modern design make the Zaria Optimum a highly desirable model.

  • front and rear blocks
  • front block integrated to saddle flap
  • square cantle
  • panel in matching tone
  • pommel and cantle on the same level
  • mono-flap

 Please note that all custom alterations to the standard saddles requires an approximate 12 week lead time.


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