Stübben Euphoria Dressage Saddle


The Stübben Euphoria dressage saddle has been designed to ensure ultimate comfort for the rider and connection with the horse. The extra deep seat along with the exclusive technology of NT Spring Tree has this saddle standing out from the crowd and one of the most popular among elite athletes. It can be personalised to represent any personality.


Main Leather Colour *

Crystal Cantle Application

Biomex Spinal Support Seat

Elasticated Girth Points

Change of Seam Colours

Removable Knee Rolls with Velcro

Cantle Protector

Change of Piping Colour *

Different Leather Colours *



Exciting new release of the Stübben Euphoria.  Personalise your Eurphoria with Swarovski crystals on the cantle or stirrup keeper.  Also can add piping and seam colours in white, silver or brown etc.  Changeable knee rolls and elasticated girth points to personalize your saddle.

The Euphoria is the result of extensive consultation and testing with leading riders in the dressage world. The extra deep seat incorporating the new ‘free move’ technology is combined with Stübben’s patented NT spring tree. The narrow twist, which is particularly appreciate by female riders, together with their special padding, make for a very soft and extremely comfortable seat.

The new ‘maxi fit’ wool pad provides for a large contact area on the horse’s back, whilst at the same time providing excellent clearance for the horse’s spine. In the area of the shoulder muscles, the pad is cut back, thereby allowing optimal movement and length of stride. The special V billets ensure ideal distribution of pressure when the saddle is girthed.

Good leg position is ensured by the high anatomical pommel and the knee rolls which are padded in super soft leather. The stirrup leather loops are discretely set with black Swarovski crystals which give the Euphoria its particularly elegant appearance. Various colour crystals are available to add that touch of individuality to the cantle and stirrup leather holder.

Options include De Luxe leather, Biomex seat technology, cantle with Swarovski crystals, different seam colours and countless customisation options. Please note that all custom alterations to the standard saddles requires an approximate 12 week lead time.


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