Sprenger Shine Bright Dynamic RS Double Jointed Eggbutt Sensogan – 4040678


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SPRENGER-Bits embellished with crystals from Swarovski. Adapted to the anatomy of the horse’s mouth resulting in no pressure put on the palate.


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Code 4040678

Thickness 16mm

SPRENGER-Bits embellished with crystals from Swarovski.

  • Adapted to the anatomy of the horse’s mouth.
  • No pressure put on the palate.
  • Clear instructions given as the tongue’s sense of touch is utilised.
  • Made from SENSOGAN the approved metal for horses

The eggbutt version of this bit encourages acceptance of the bit and rider’s contact in addition to the advantages mentioned above. The mouthpiece remains in a central position to direct gentle pressure perfectly on the tongue.

About the Dynamic RS Mouthpiece stimulates the horse to accept the bit more easily.

The ergonomically formed mouthpiece lies perfectly in the horses mouth resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to chew. In addition this bit supports the contact to the corners of the mouth in a very effective way keeping the horse on the bit.

The gentle joint in the middle which is angled forward – the characteristic feature of the KK ULTRA and fine eggbutt design makes it a very friendly bit. The mouthpiece is made of SENSOGAN, the material that activates the chewing activity of the horse.

The new DYNAMIC RS bit gives soft but very effective instructions for a better contact between the horse and rider.

SENSOGAN® is a new bit material developed by SPRENGER and is the result of two years of research and development aiming to improve on the AURIGAN material which has made SPRENGER bits so popular with so many professional and amateur riders.

SENSOGAN® has improved properties but also a new appearance. The white-gold colour gives the bit a discreet and elegant look and due to the improved material mix, SENSOGAN® does not tarnish easily as the chewing activity of the horse is optimally supported. The bit will stay true to its white gold colour for much longer and can also be polished to a high shine at any point in its lifetime. The new SENSOGAN® range is identified by its unique stamped black ring on the cheeks of the mouthpieces.

The special challenge in developing SENSOGAN® was to maintain the positive features of Aurigan yet to intensify them, giving an even more delicate and sophisticated connection to the horse. In the twenty or so years that Aurigan has been available, many companies have copied its colour but never its properties. Sprenger knew the time was right to launch their new optimal bitting collection with an unmatched look anywhere else in the market.

It is the distinctive composition of Copper, Manganese and Zinc that makes SENSOGAN® so special. The reduced copper content combined with the manganese results in a more regulated process of oxidation. Tests with the veterinary college of Hannover and the German Riding School in Warendorf  showed without doubt this combination of metals has a positive influence on the horses satisfaction, motivation and willingness to perform.


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