Magnetic Natural Therapy Horse Rug


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Ripostop poly-cotton rug with tail flap,  soft cotton legstraps, quick release front fitting and legstraps. 1500 gauss magnets used, 104 – 115 magnets used depending on the rug size.

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  • Magnetic therapy is a natural non-evasive treatment for pain associated with arthritis bowed tendons, bruising, founder navicular disease, ringbone, tendinitis, shin soreness, splints, sprains & stiffness
  • Magnetic Therapy can increase blood circulation allowing more oxygenated blood & nutrients to the affected area as well as other parts of the body
  • An effective treatment to treat painful areas and lessen the pain sensation
  • Less pain perceived  by the horse helps in relaxation will help the likely hood of suffering from secondary symptoms such as muscle cramps & tension.


Benefits Of Magnetic Therapy:

  • Easy & safe to use
  • Relieves Pain
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Produces an alkaline effect
  • Reduces Fluid Retention
  • Increases Cellular Oxygen
  • Establishes Healing Polarity
  • Reduces Fatty Deposits
  • Help Accelerate Healing & Conditioning
  • Loosens Muscles To Reduce The Danger Of Injury
  • No Drugs Or Chemicals Required
  • No Side Effects
  • Affordable
  • Ripstop Poly Cotton Rug With Tail Flap
  • Soft Cotton Leg Straps
  • Quick Release Front Fitting
  • Quick Release Leg straps

1500 Gauss Magnets Used 104-115 Magnets Depending On Rug Size.


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