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Anky Free Rider


or 4 payments of $249.75 with Afterpay

The  ANKY®  Free  Rider  offers  you  a  wonderful   exercise  which  stimulates  the  cardiovascular   system  and  the  body  as  a  whole.  The  unique   combination    of  movements  of  both  horse   and  rider,    require  much  effort  and   coordination,  which  stimulate  the  balance   within  your  whole  body.

Available by order only

Equla Vert – Horse Head Angle and Speed Sensor Display


or 4 payments of $62.50 with Afterpay

VERT is the world’s first horse-head angle sensor and display. It attaches to the headpiece of your bridle at the poll and measures your horse’s head angle in relation to the vertical, then displays the angle to you with a colored light.

Introductory price $250.00

Hylofit – Heart Rate Wellbeing Training Device


or 4 payments of $123.75 with Afterpay

The only equine wearable heart rate monitor to offer in-ride feedback for horse and rider.  Are you pushing your horse too hard?  Use Hylofit to improve communication with your horse and discover how your own breakthrough moments can lead to a stronger partnership.

HH Chambon- Elastic


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This accessory provides assistance in getting your horses neck to stretch down while being exercised in the arena.

Eskadron Pro Cool Boots 607-609


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The Pro Cool Cooling Boot makes fast therapy possible. The boot can also be used as an effective form of prevention. It provides ideal treatment in the case of injuries. Adaptable when standing or during exercise.

Eskadron Climatex Training Bandages 61600


or 4 payments of $25.25 with Afterpay

Eskadron Climatex Training Bandages are high elastic and hard-wearing combined with climatex layer which provides optimum protection against any pressure points.