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Alto Lab Alto Light

$12.00 $9.00

or 4 payments of $2.25 with Afterpay

A unique blend of natural oils, lanolin and glycerine that is used to add deep highlights around the eye and muzzle area without giving a wet look. It is the ultimate final grooming product for the perfect show ring finish



$12.95 $9.95

or 4 payments of $2.49 with Afterpay

HiTone has been developed and tested on Grey’s and coloured horses with brilliant results. Formulated with premium conditioning ingredients so that it is gentle to the hair and will not strip the natural moisture.

MP Enhance


or 4 payments of $8.75 with Afterpay

High-definition makeups are sheerer while still giving exceptional colour coverage a hint of shine to the hair and hiding blemishes with ease.


MP Gloss Lift Stain Remover

$24.00 $16.00

or 4 payments of $4.00 with Afterpay

MP LIFT – Quik Kleen with a superior concentrated powder mix that lifts even the worst dirt and stains from your horse’s tail, coat and false tails with one simple wash.

MP Ultimate Black


or 4 payments of $7.38 with Afterpay

All in one gloss and colour make-up for horse, contains natural oils, best used on the face to highlght, enhance or cover brown hair, particularly a mealy brown muzzle.

MP Diamond White


or 4 payments of $6.50 with Afterpay

Used on white socks to enhance colour or to create markings ie stars, socks.. Contains UV filters

Show Pony Colour


or 4 payments of $15.00 with Afterpay

Show Pony is a new colourant designed to enhance and condition your horse’s coat.

Anky Dark Shampoo


or 4 payments of $4.75 with Afterpay

Enhances colours and gives a deep shine!

If your horse has a dark coat, give it a deep shine before you enter the ring by using ANKY® Deep Dark Shampoo Spray. The shampoo enhances natural colours that are influenced by sun, dust and grease.