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Magnetic Natural Therapy Horse Rug


or 4 payments of $92.91 with Afterpay

Ripostop poly-cotton rug with tail flap,  soft cotton legstraps, quick release front fitting and legstraps. 1500 gauss magnets used, 104 – 115 magnets used depending on the rug size.

Eskadron Pro Cool Boots 607-609


or 4 payments of $108.50 with Afterpay

The Pro Cool Cooling Boot makes fast therapy possible. The boot can also be used as an effective form of prevention. It provides ideal treatment in the case of injuries. Adaptable when standing or during exercise.

Stübben Ice Boots ‘Kryo Kompakt’


or 4 payments of $50.00 with Afterpay

Kryo Kompakt Horse is the only long-time kryotherapy compress with a scientifically and clinically proven effect. When applied, the cold is released very slowly, thus ruling out frost bite and burns. This is the only way to treat strains, bruises and oedemas at the root.

Zilco Ice Boots 399051


or 4 payments of $24.75 with Afterpay

With correct use, these ice boots can aid in injury prevention, and significantly reduce swelling and soreness, to speed up the recovery process.Price is for a pair.