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Stübben Maestoso de Luxe – Pre Xmas sale $500 off


The Maestoso is built on an ultra-deep seat and has a thin long knee roll. While the tree is still flexible and absorbs part of the rider’s weight, it allows the rider to sit very deep and provides a more secure seat.  Widely used for Hacking and Dressage.

** Surplus to stock 32cm 17″ black deluxe now on sale for $4000**


Stübben Tristan DL Dressage Saddle


The soft and especially finished leather on seat and knee flap and the original Stübben steel spring saddle tree inside guarantee high comfort, a secure and steady position of the leg and an extremely close contact to the horse.

Stübben Euphoria Dressage Saddle


The Stübben Euphoria dressage saddle has been designed to ensure ultimate comfort for the rider and connection with the horse. The extra deep seat along with the exclusive technology of NT Spring Tree has this saddle standing out from the crowd and one of the most popular among elite athletes. It can be personalised to represent any personality.