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Effax Leather Balm


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Effax Leather Balm extends the “lifespan” of the leather and is therefore used ardently all over the world. The most valuable leather care for durability and reliability of the leather equipment due to a combination of lanolin and caring oils.

Effax Leather Cleaning Spray LC1


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The deep-penetrating cleaning power guarantees that the leather maintains its natural properties and slip-resistance. The breathability of the climate membranes remains intact.

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Anky Leather Clean Spray


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A great new product made by ANKY. The leather spray cleans all of your leather goods, really for conditioning and polishing. The spray bottle is designed for easy use. 500ml

Stübben Hamanol Leather Dressing


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Leather care product developed in cooperation with our tanners. The patented paraffin emulsion nourishes without harming the leather’s fibre structure.

Stübben Saddle Carrier


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Made of 100% Italian cotton, designed for jumping or dressage saddles and features a zip pocket. Classic Design, Secure, comfortable carry handles.

Stubben Liquid Saddle Soap


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Stubben leather soap is very convenient in liquid form and comes in a 250ml bottle which is PH neutral. Great to remove dirt and to replenish leather suggested use is before Stubben Hamanol leather cream.

Stubben Saddle Soap


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This is a solid saddle soap and is applied with a wet cloth. Due to the uniquie drying process, we stronlgly recommend only stubben leather care to ensure the long life