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Stübben Laurus S JUNIOR Jump Saddle


Laurus S is a deep-seat saddle with a square cut cantle and big knee and calf blocks. It offers good support and security particularly for children who enter their first jumping competitions. The saddle is made of full grain cow hide.

Stübben Portos S JUNIOR Jump Saddle


Stübben Portos S JUNIOR Jump is designed with an extremely soft seat, its narrow twist and a flat panel with a short rib will help reduce the distance between horse and rider to the absolutely necessary minimum, and horse and young rider can melt into one unit.

Stübben Genesis CS Jump Saddle


Jumping saddle with a square cut cantle, whose structure and design is adapted according to the principles of modern jumping training. The medium deep, extremely comfortable seat facilitates riding in the horse’s centre of balance.

Stübben Roxane MF Spezial Jump Saddle


Comfortable, modern saddle jumping.Recommended for both professionals and amateurs. It gives the rider a feeling of comfort and stability. Featuring a deep seat with large blocks knee and back, such as in the model Siegfried MF Spezial provide great support rider.

Stübben Roxane S Jump Saddle


Close contact jumping saddle with a deep seat – giving the rider a feeling of stability and security. Suitable for both professionals and amateurs. Pillows Knee covered with soft leather provides a comfortable ride.

Stübben Edelweiss NT Jump Saddle


Edelweiss NT is both innovative and functional, a Close Contact jumping saddle with square cut cantle, made of high-quality full grain cowhide.

In addition, the seat of the Edelweiss NT model de Luxe is particularly comfortable This saddle is particularly recommended for the ambitious show jumper.

Stübben Zaria Jump Saddle with Biomex


Model Zaria features flat seat with the new Biomex saddle seat technology and guarantees highest functionality, combined with unique comfort. The knee roll is moulded into the flap, which enables the rider to use very short leathers, something that many active riders prefer today.

Also available in de Luxe model; doubled in special Saddle leather, Front and Rear Blocks , Front blocks on outside flap, Biomex included.